Small CLC Plant with Cutting Machine 5 CBM

All Part Of Machinery Capacity Amount
Plant Capacity 5 CBM 7,09,600.00
Expantion Capacity 20 CBM/Shift
Brand Bickvision
Power 13 HP/3 Phase
voltage 410 V/60 Hz
Output block type Light Weight CLC
Warranty 1 Year
Machine Type Manual
CLC Mixer 0.6 m3/Batch
Foam Genrator 300 Liter/Minit
Air Compressor 3 HP
Weighing System 4 Ton
Electrical Control Panel 1 Nos
Material Trolley 1 Nos
Block Transport 1 Nos
Cutting Mould 25 Nos
Cutting Machine 1 Nos

CLC Individual Machinery

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